About Sino i.

Over the past years, more and more corporate are aware of the importance of making their employees more stimulated, committed and professional.

"Sino i. Training Centre" is here to take care of your most powerful asset - PEOPLE. SITC provide solutions through training programs that can help to achieve an immediate impact on your productivity and profitability.

SITC (Sino i. Training Centre), previously known as SARC (Sino Academic Research Centre) is established in September 1994 dedicated to providing updated public seminars and training courses to its clients. It also organizes in-house training program for various medium and large corporations in the South Pacific Rim. The following are some of the few areas that it is specialized in:

* Corporate Financial Management
* Taxation Planning & Management
* Offshore & Trust Planning
* Credit Management & Debt Collection Techniques
* Hong Kong Company Law & Company Secretarial Practice
* Customer Services on Telephone & Reception Skills
* Administrative Management
* Secretarial Skills
* Presentation Skills
* Negotiation Skills

The current management team of SITC are ex-senior manager of large corporations associated with the business education field, accounting professional and lawyer, and our team of core speakers are all experienced and specialized in the training program, which they provide.

Report of Senior Management Staff

Mrs. Chan Tam Kwai Fan, Non-Executive Director, Chairman and founder of SITC. Mrs. Chan has served as Senior Civil Servant for more than 30 years. After her retirement, she works as an advisor and provides consultancy works to various government bodies as well as voluntary associations.

Mr. Dominic Chan, Managing Director and founder of SITC, is responsible for the development and strategic planning of the company. Mr. Chan is a Certified Public Accountant and a specialist in accounting and taxation field. He graduated in England, holds memberships of several accounting bodies such as FCCA, FCSA, FSHKA and SCAA. He established his own accounting firm since 1988. He is also an active speaker of SITC in the area of Tax Planning & Management.

Ms. Aster Lee, Project Manager of SITC, is responsible for the daily operation and administration of the company. Ms. Lee graduated in England with a degree in Bachelor of Art, major in Economics. Prior to her engagement with SITC, she had worked in a multinational business education company. She is well-experienced in organizing public and in-house training courses and seminars.

Mr. Anthony Ho, Legal Advisor, serves as legal consultant for SITC. Mr. Ho graduated in England and obtained his qualification both in Hong Kong and the UK. He runs his own solicitor firm in Central. Mr. Ho is also responsible for conducting legal training courses for SITC's clients.

Courses Provided By Sino i. Training Centre

Corporate Financial Management

Today's important decisions need to be made with the bottom line in mind and the future being accurately considered. That's why down-to-earth, clear understanding of financial management is so important to nowadays business owners and operating managers.

This is a 3-session intensive training course. A combination of lectures, case studies, group discussions, and exercises will be used to deliver the course content. This is a skill-building workshop intended to equip the participant with a solid grounding in basic corporate financial management.

Taxation Planning & Management

An understanding of the principles of Hong Kong Taxation and an insight into its managerial aspects and planning considerations are therefore considered essential tools for financial executives of business organizations, large or small, who are concerned with corporate or personal financial planning in relation to tax management. This program would take a practical approach aiming at equipping the participants with the practical skills of handing taxation affairs and appreciating their implications.

This hands-on practical workshop will be conducted through lectures, case studies and group discussions. Some relevant tax cases will be discussed to give participants a clearer understanding of the concepts.

Offshore & Trust Planning

Trust is an increasingly common means by which people may organize their financial affairs. This has become a more acceptable & widespread form of financial planning in Asia, particularly in countries such as Hong Kong, Philippines and Indonesia. The uses of trusts for personal reasons are quite diversified as both lawyers and advisers are constantly setting up new structures, which provide particular advantages while laws are constantly changing to suite the various offshore jurisdictions thus making their jurisdiction attractive.

Credit Management & Debt Collection Techniques

A well thought out and designed seminar packed with case studies and practical knowledge. Newspaper cutting on related issues will be utilized for group discussion and analysis. A unique seminar which will definitely provide you with realistic solutions to your concerns.

Our seminars are run by experience knowledgeable facilitators and speakers who are able to provide solutions and answers to your questions.

Hong Kong Company Law & Company Secretarial Practice

This program intends to equip the participant with a clear concept of Company Law, guide them to understand the practical work of a company secretary in compliance with statutory requirements and teach them to interpret the financial statements prepared by a limited company.

Aside from lectures, participants will be given case studies and exercises to work on that they can understand the application in real life situations.

Customer Services On Telephone & Reception Skills

In order to allow each participant to have a chance to voice their opinions and problems for group discussion, the workshop will be limited to 15 PEOPLE. We will encourage each participant to actively join in the role-play in order to improve themselves and adopt more effective customer services on telephone and reception skills.

Administrative Management

In consideration of many responsibilities of office administrators, it is important that training opportunity will be available for them to grow professionally and eventually become a part of the management team that will make significant contributions to an organization.

There will be a total of four sessions comprising lectures, video presentations, case studies and group discussions. Participants are encouraged to voice their opinion in group discussions and welcome to bring their problems to the workshop and seek for recommendation.

Secretarial Excellence

This practical, learning by doing workshop has been specially developed to provide participants with additional skills to improve their professional effectiveness and achieve secretarial excellence.

Presentation Skills

Using a unique approach, which combines a deep understanding of spoken communication and a sense of humour, our training destroys most of the accepted wisdom about what participant need to be a good presenter.

The aim is not to create a clone of the prefect presenter, but rather to get participants to perform in their "best style". It's so simple you'll wonder why you never knew it before.

Negotiation Skills

As we move through the 90's the business climate will become progressively more competitive and it is already becoming obvious that those who will survive and prosper are those who know how to negotiate with confidence.

The climate is already hotting up. The consequences of mistakes made during dealing and negotiating can be devastating. A rumbled opening gambit, for instance, can easily wreck a seal. It's a "pressure cooker" job which demands highly specialised skills.

This is a two-day seminar. Participants will learn through a series of lectures, case studies, role-plays and group discussions.

Computer Skills

Computer technology is no longer new in today's business environment. Understanding basis skill is a must and gaining advance and update technology could enhance accuracy and efficiency within the organization. This is important to every organization to equip themselves for the competitive industry.

The seminar has been design to cover:- IT infrastructure, hardware management, uses of programming and application software, information control security, e-business and internal access technique.


Training Centre in China

Client List Of Sino i. Training Centre
Abbott Laboratories Ltd *
Alco Electronics Ltd
American Intl Assurance Co Ltd
Amway Asia Pacific Ltd
Astra Pharmaceutical (HK) Ltd
AT & T Hong Kong Ltd
Bank of America
BASF China Ltd
Bangkok Bank
Banque Nationale de Paris
Baker & McKenzie
Canon Hong Kong Trading Co Ltd
Carrier Hong Kong Ltd
Caterpillar China Ltd
Cedel Bank
Chesterton Petty Ltd
Clear Future Technologies Ltd *
Ciba Vision (HK) Ltd
Clariant (Hong Kong) Ltd. *
Consulate General of the Republic of Korea *
Construction Industry Training Authority *
Crown Motors Ltd
Dai Nippon Printing
Datacraft (Hong Kong) Ltd
Danzas Freight HK Ltd
DG Bank HK Branch
Du Pont China Ltd
Dun & Bradstreet (HK) Ltd
Duty Free Shoppers (HK) Ltd
Edward Keller Ltd *
Epson Hong Kong Ltd
Eton Properties Ltd
Excelsior Sport Ltd
Fenix HK Ltd
First Pacific Davis
Freight Trans International Co Ltd
Fujikon Industrial Co Ltd
Fujitsu (HK) Ltd
Gammon Construction Ltd
GE Capital Finance Ltd
Hang Seng Bank Ltd. *
Health Care Products Ltd
Herald Marketing Ltd
Hitachi Asia Ltd
HK Baptist University
HK Telecom Ltd
HK Tourist Association
Hong Kong Society of Accountants
Hsin Chong Holding (HK) Ltd
Hung Nien Electronics Ltd
ICI China Ltd
Inchcape Shipping Services
Intel Semiconductor Ltd
International Components Corp.
Island Shangri-la Hotel
Jackel International (Asia) Ltd
Jardine Fleming Holdings Ltd
Jebsen & Co Ltd
Kai-Yin Company Ltd
Kenwood Appliances (HK) Ltd
Kwan Kin Travel Services Ltd
Kumon Hong Kong Co Ltd *
Lamber World (Far East) Ltd
Le Saunda Shoe Ltd
L & M Promotion Ltd
Li Fung (Trading) Ltd
Livington Enterprises Ltd *
MeesPierson Fund Services (Asia) Ltd
Melco Trading Co Ltd
Mentholatum (Asia Pacific) Ltd
Microware USA Ltd
Modern Terminal Ltd
National Mutual Insurance Co Ltd
New World Insurance Service Ltd
Neway Karaoke Box *
Next (Hong Kong) Ltd
Nike International Ltd
Novell HK Ltd
Onex Ltd
Onpress Printed Circuits Ltd
Omron Asia Pacific Ltd
Pacific Rim Ventures Ltd
Paul Y ITC Management Ltd
Park’N Shop Ltd
Power Link International Ltd
Philip Morris Asia Ltd
Phyllis K.Y. Kwong & Leung *
Pioneer (HK) Co Ltd *
Prudential Assurance Co Ltd
Pulse Components Ltd
RCR Electronics Mfg Ltd
Reebok Trading (Far East) Ltd
Regal Hotel International Ltd
Reliance Motors Ltd
Respironics (HK) Ltd *
Revlon (HK) Ltd
Rightmark Technology Ltd *
Santai Manufacturing Ltd
SGS Hong Kong Ltd *
Shui On Contractors Ltd
Sime Darby Hong Kong Ltd
Singer Sewing Machine Co Ltd
Sino Land Co Ltd
Smartone Mobile Communication Ltd
Sun Hing Shipping Co Ltd *
Sun Hung Kai Properties Co Ltd *
Swire Bottlers Ltd
Tao Heung Group *
Television Broadcast Ltd
Texny (HK) Ltd
The Commercial Press (HK) Ltd *
The Nippon Credit Bank Ltd
The Society of Chinese Accountants & Auditors *
Theme International Ltd
Tobacco Institute of Hong Kong
Tony Kan & Co
The Ka Wah Group *
The HK Polytechnic University
The HK University of Science & Technology *
Ulferta of Sweden (Far East) Ltd
Universal Jewellary Co Ltd
University of Hong Kong
Vita Green Health Products Co Ltd
Vitasoy Intl Holdings Ltd
Wah Hing Group Co Ltd
Whaking Enterprise Ltd
Weiss Cleaning Supplies Ltd
Xerox Hong Kong Ltd
Yan Chai Hospital
Yaohan International Caterers Ltd
YMCA of Hong Kong
Zodiac Lighting Ltd
Zung Fu Co Ltd

Remarks : * In-house training provided